Makeup Artist Classes in Denton TX

Offering Complete Online Courses For Women and Men. Cosmetology Students, Professionals and Instructors That Want To Learn More About Makeup.

Courses Offered Will Be:

Makeup 101:

Makeup 101 is a fun informative class that goes over the basics for starting a career in Makeup as well as hands on techniques. Along with hands techniques you will learn proper sanitations practices, Brush101, how to identify skin types, and how to conduct a proper consultation. After completing this class……

Corrective Beauty:

This fun and very informative class covers a lot of information. After completing this class you will know how to identify face shapes and the correct brows associated with each face shape. As an artist its very important to know how to identify corrective needs. We will cover how to use Corrective Techniques…..

Bridal Makeup:

In Bridal Makeup we cover both aspects of Business and Services. We work in depth on how to conduct a thorough consultation. We go over the different Bridal Looks: Classic Bride, Era Bride, Dramatic Bride, Cultural Brides and their traditions, along with Natural Bride. How to create a Bridal Look Book, All…..

The Art Of Skin Colors:

In this class skin undertones are determined .We go over choosing colors for different undertones and understanding common features found in different Nationalities. This class covers racial backgrounds from Asian descent, African, Mediterranean, Caucasian etc. You will learn how to bring out the best…..

Era Makeup Course:

This class goes over all the Era’s from the 1920’s-1980’s and Elizabethan Makeup.

We dive deep in the history of each Era and you learn how to achieve the look for each Era.  We will go over the history of Makeup starting with the Egyptians and taking it to the mainstream with…

Professional Eye Lash Instruction:

The Professional Eye Lash Course Covers Overview & Knowledge Base of Eyelash Extensions, Professional Aftercare Lash Products, Health & Safety, Eyelash Allergies & Infections, Prepping the Client, Live Model Application,……


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